The Oil Cleansing Method

Stacey Solah

The Oil Cleansing Method, (OCM) is simple; rub oil on your face and behold a fresh, youthful complexion. Yes, oil and skin do mix, and they love each other! Millions of people have switched to the OCM, ditching the harsh, skin stripping cleansers that often do more harm than good, namely, accelerating the aging process. Eeeeep! If your cleanser makes your face feel tight or dry, then that is a big bowl of wrong, (not good). Conventional surfactant based cleansers remove dirt and build up, but can only do so by stripping skin of its natural oils and moisture; this accelerates the signs of aging instead of nourishing and treating the skin. It also triggers your skin to over produce oil, as it is receiving cellular communication that it is lacking and malnourished. This disruption to its normal sebum production can then have the reverse intending effect and cause clogged pores and pimples.

When cleansing your face with specific quality oils, you are feeding your skin with a myriad of vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids that treat your skin gently and slow down the aging process. For a nutrient dense oil cleanser, shop here. If you are unsure how the OCM effectively cleanses skin, just remember that like attracts like. Water cannot dissolve oil, they are incompatible. Only oil can dissolve oil, and that is how the OCM cleans away the dirty old and excess oil on your face. Using the OCM with the right botanical oils will remove makeup, dirt and excess oil by being able to penetrate deep into pores and lifting out impurities. Your face will not be left oily, only fresh and nourished.

Using the OCM is great for oily or acne prone skin because as the face receives cleansing oil, the skin is being prompted to not over produce its own natural oils and then balances sebum production.

I have designed a cleanser that combines the highest quality and nutrient rich oils that boast antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. My one of a kind cleanser cannot be found in any other company and combines 100% natural, prized botanical oils, including: Jojoba, Safflower, Watermelon, Perilla, Neem, Castor and 100% pure essential oils of Mandarin, Lavender and Thyme. For a luxury cleansing experience with this one of a kind cleanser, shop here.

A little goes a long way with the OCM, so only four to six drops will be needed at a time. You may apply the cleanser to wet or dry skin, depending on your preference. Massage the cleanser into your face and either wipe off with a damp cloth (preferred), or rinse under warm water. If you are rinsing under water, just be sure to properly wipe your face dry with a clean towel so all the excess is removed. If you are new to the OCM, be sure you allow your skin two weeks to adjust to the change, before you see the full benefits.

Some skin types may find they do not need to apply a serum or moisturiser when using the OCM, just listen to what your skin wants. I have sensitive, combination skin and I use the OCM with my Cleansing Serum, then I spray on my toning spray for extra hydration and then I apply the Ethereal Vitamin C Serum as my all in one anti aging serum and moisturiser. If you have enjoyed this post then share it with your friends! Much love, Stacey.

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