Natural Skin Care & Why You Must Always Read the Back Label

Stacey Solah

It is important more than ever to choose natural skin care products and personal care items. Common supermarket and department store brands are loaded with synthetic, harmful ingredients. There are approximately 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products, and US based research determined that 1 in 8 of those ingredients are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors.*

Most ingredients in the common department store skin care brands are not there to nourish and improve skin, but are there to formulate an aesthetically pleasing cream with an unnaturally long shelf life. Read the back label of a cream you have on hand, can you read the ingredients list out aloud quickly? There is your first indication that the product is jam packed with lab made, artificial ingredients. So big deal, right? It is a big deal if you care about your health, appearance and the environment.

Synthetic ingredients cause skin irritations, dermatitis and can cause ones skin to become and remain sensitive when it is not normally so. They also cause premature aging due to interference with natural skin functions. Finally, the big ones, the endocrine disrupting and cancer causing argument. There are so many synthetic ingredients that are known carcinogens. All cancers are linked to carcinogens. This post will list just a few examples of common synthetic ingredients that are endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and otherwise toxic. Endocrine disrupting ingredients are chemical compounds that mimic our hormones and therefore interfere with healthy hormone functioning.

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There are countless brands that market themselves as green and natural, but in fact are highly toxic. They include a couple of floral extracts in there products and state "Natural" on the label and have a picture of a plant. However if you read the full ingredients list, you will see a large amount of synthetic, toxic ingredients. It is very important to always read the complete ingredients list.

As an example to help me select which common toxic ingredients to highlight in this post, as well as to emphasise how common brands attempt to pass off as being green, I chose to examine the ingredients of an Aveeno moisturiser. Aveeno's Positively Radiant Moisturiser contains four different parabens! It also contains Dimethicone, Fragrance and BHT. Those are the toxic ingredients I will focus on, although there are plenty more.

Parabens: Alter the function of the endocrine system, are carcinogenic and have been found inside breast cancer tumors. Why do companies use them? They are a type of preservative to prevent growth of bacteria and fungus in products that contain water.

Dimethicone: Is a non- biodegradable, plastic like, lab made ingredient. It disrupts natural skin processes by forming a barrier over skin, trapping bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and sweat underneath it, which can cause pimples, blackheads and irritations. In the long run, dimethicone disrupts skins natural hydrating processes by causing a dependence on its film forming process, leading to dryness and therefore wrinkled skin. Why do companies use it? The synthetic barrier it produces is supposed to fill in fine lines, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. However in the long run, due to inhibiting and disrupting the skins natural processes, dimethicone will actually accelerate the signs of aging.

Fragrance (or parfum): Is made of thousands of different synthetic ingredients to produce a particular scent. Yes, thousands! Apart from causing headaches and skin irritations, they are carcinogenic or otherwise toxic and have been known to effect the central nervous system.

BHT: Is carcinogenic, is an endocrine disruptor and has caused cancer in lab tests on rats, mice and hamsters. Why do companies use it? It is a preservative for products containing oil.*

This is an awful amount of toxic ingredients inside one Aveeno moisturiser, and unfortunately they are common in most mass produced brands, and worse, there are thousands more toxic ingredients being used. The great thing about truly natural skin care products is that you only need to use a very small amount because they are made only of the skin nourishing ingredients that you want, and not filled with these lab made chemicals.

We are not artificial creatures, we are biologically natural creations like the earths beautiful trees and fruits. What better suited personal care aid than the bounty of earths healing botanicals that we were born along side of. Natural is best! If you are looking for truly natural skin care products that are high performance, anti aging and non- comedogenic, shop online now at Solah Skin & Spirit Care:

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